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A cinema night dedicated to the docucumentary genre, screening films about the arts, music and culture  

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Director    Editor    Videographer    Non-Fiction Filmmaker   Documentary Programmer    

Jenny Keogh is a trained photographer (BA HONS 1999) and a non-fiction filmmaker since 2010. Following the International success of her award-winning short film 'Story Bud?' she went on to make a mini-series of short films celebrating and preserving Irish slang (the Hiberno-English language).

She set up her own video production service, Stand Out Films in 2017, and over the years has become the go-to person for Artists, Crafters, Creative Businesses and Educators to work with, to produce profile-films and video content for their websites and social media platforms.  Amongst many, some of her clients include Padraig McCaul (painter), Norman McCloskey (photographer), Austin Hearne (fine artist), Breda Marron (sculptor) Karen Wilson (painter), Patricia Fitzgerald (mandala artist) and Garret Mallon (goldsmith), all very much established and recognised in their fields. Jenny has a huge understanding of the Creative Business sector and has worked closely with Artists and Makers from all over Ireland. She has also  produced a series of profile-films for the educational sector.

Documentary film being her passion, she is also the founder, documentary programmer and host of the The Documentary Room (formerly Rialto Cinema Club) in The Circular venue, Dublin 8, where shes screens and promotes both Irish and International documentary films, focusing on the arts, music and culture.